You are a foreign company, Altros serves you !

Over the years, Altros has developed and became an umbrella company specialized in project management and french labour regulation, ready to serve international customers. Our operations are ruled by the French Law“Ordonnance n° 2015-380 du 2 avril 2015 relative au portage salarial”.

A service for foreign companies who wants to develop business in France.

You are a foreign company, Altros serves you !

You are a foreign company, Altros serves you !

 When you want to develop a business in France without creating a local subsidiary upfront,

 When you need to hire and externalize the recruitment of people in France under French contract.

 When you want to test French market before creating a local subsidiary.

Our services

 We take in charge for you the administration of your human resources in France.

 We provide consultant manager you selected under French work contract and handles all social charges related issues.

 We invoices you for the work performed

Your advantages

 You can test the professional skills and efficiency of your future staff

 You significantly reduce your administration charges

 You avoid dealing directly with the heavy French work laws and administration

 You act within a legal framework

 In case of short projects, solution can rapidly be set up

How does it work ?

 You have selected the person you want to work with in France (consultant, business developer, et..)

 You negotiate with this person the objectives, the key indicators, and the conditions of you collaboration

 Altros formalizes the resulting agreement into a service contract that will be signed between you and Altros, or we will issue a purchase order to Altros

 Altros establish a work contract with the consultant (Altros endorses responsibility of the consultant on all social and legal issues (payroll, health coverage,…)

 The consultant delivers work expected and meets contracts objectives

 As a contractor, Altros takes care invoicing your company and all employment issues of the employee (salary, expenses,…)

About Altros

Altros, based in Grenoble (French Alps) with offices in Paris and Lyon is an umbrella company since 2002. We provide administrative, legal support and take care of consultants, project manager, business developer, on behalf of theirs 400 national and international customers.

Altros is an active member and one the founders of PEPS (Professionnels de l’Emploi en Portage Salarial), the trade union that represents the umbrella companies in France

We operate in a wide range of domains: IT, health project management, management, sales, marketing, manufacturing, HR, quality assurance …

Please do not hesitate to contact us on your business developments project in France.

Our solutions are easy and fast to implement. We offer a high-value added service at a low and predictable cost when compared to administrate a subsidiary operated directly on your own.